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Jia-Jen is a designer based in Austin, Texas.

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Hi, I'm Jia-Jen.

I found my passion for design and psychology when I was a developer. I'm always fascinated with the way people think, feel, and behave - and how products could help them live more fulfilling lives.
Currently, I am a graduate student focusing on UI&UX and Human Computer Interaction Design at the University of Texas and keep exploring the intersection of human and technology. I have a big love for traveling, Apple products, watching videos on YouTube, drawing with my iPad, and care deeply about environmental conservation.

My creation by using Adobe software

The progress of technology is always fascinating, yet I feel it is time to think about whether technology is keeping up with humanity.

Fun facts about me

  • I traveled to 12 countries in Europe on my own when I was 21.
  • I can quickly adapt to different cultures and food, and I like to talk to people from different countries, so I have friends around the world.
  • I attended the Sun Moon Lake International Swimming Carnival in 2020 and finished swimming approximately four kilometers in two hours.​
  • ​I have owned and run a cooking blog for 2 years. 
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