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Accessible Design

for the Metro Map

My proposed design for the New York Metro Map


”For most of us, technology makes things easier. For a person with a disability, it makes things possible” 
~ Judy Heumann

This is my story of designing a metro map that is more accessible and makes life easier for those with special needs.

My Role

UIUX Designer


February 2021 - April 2021




System Redesign

Context of use

Analyzing the pain point that current users are facing, concurrently trying to figure out the best solutions with the minimum changes.

Subway Map-1.png

Information Architecture

Original Site Structure

Highlighting observed pain points

  • Homepage didn't include clear value proposition and intuitive navigation. 

  • The place of donate page is not clear, and it's not easy for user to find the page.

  • The place of the next event page and the event list page is confusing. The 2 pages should be switched.

  • The Education page can be combined with Project Safety Net page.

  • On Hall of Fame page, some users have expectations to see the Honorees directly.

After multiple brainstorming sessions with the client product team...

We came up with a proposed solution !

Visual Scheme





Screen Shot 2022-10-26 at 01.09.35.png


We created the following mid-fi wireframes to make our ideas more concrete, and to make sure that the page structure, layout, information architecture, user flow, and functionality we derived make sense.

Blurry Purple Background

Latest Design

Frame 101.png
hall of fame2.png

My Learning

When your client is a nonprofit, there are no sales, only effectiveness.

When the client is a business, almost any shortcoming in the design solution can be forgiven if the end result makes money since there are more aspects, for instance, customer engagement, marketing traction, growth, and profitability. Yet, designing for nonprofits we have to focus more on impact and human-centered design. We need to have an understanding of what kind of people make up your audience, appeal to emotion and emphasize the best parts of your non-profit. Therefore, beginning with a cohesive brand strategy and good storytelling are crucial. I also practiced the design system a lot in the project. This project is so meaningful because I feel I helped Austin Jazz Society advancing their mission in the process.

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